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What if...


Master your mindset.

Monetize your Genius.

Understand your money systems.

Build a business that is profitable AF with ease.

You are tired of chasing vanity metrics. You are tired of feeling dumb for not understanding your finances. You are tired of "if I just reach 6-fig" I'll be successful.

Does this sound a little like you?

✨ Always putting yourself last.

✨ Pricing based on what "Jane-Next-Door" is charging, or worse... what she tells you to charge.

✨ Following blanket advise on social media.

✨ Fake positivity is not cutting it.

✨ Your income is intimately connected with your time.

✨ You get overwhelmed every time you think about your finances.

It's time to stop looking for one size fits all solutions.

There is a better way to run your business...

... and it doesn't require rocket science.

You are triggered... a lot

What you see on your insta, TT, Facebook. It just triggers you.

"Why haven't I moved that far?"

"Why do I always feel like I'm behind?"

"Why do I feel I'm always chasing money?"

Makes you feel unworthy.

Makes you feel that if you just try this one thing that worked for someone else.

"If I just reach XYZ, I'll feel different.".

You feel that the answer is out there.

Your ability to make money is tied with the time you spend...

... serving your clients or creating your products.

You are in a burnout cycle. Always chasing the next big payday...

Just to be left with nothing after your big launch.

You have no idea where your money is going.

And you're tired... tired of doing all the things for little to no payout.

Your money systems are not existent

You don't know where to start. You don't know what all the numbers mean.

Making $5K feels the same as $50K because you have no idea what that really means.

You have no idea if you can pay yourself. How can you pay yourself?

You just don't know.

Let me share a secret with you...

...there is only ONE way to make it happen... and it starts with YOU.

With you integrating the right tools to create the systems that work for your vision AND your lifestyle.

🔮 Developing the right mindset to take the first step

🔮 Learn what is important [and not important] in your business

🔮 Clarity on your offers, and all the ways you bring in money from your business

🔮 Create a simple and effective way to manage your money

Let me tell you a story... I've been there.

I'm a burnout-baby. When I created my business I knew I wanted things to be different. I thought that if I just started my business, things would magically change.

So, I went to all online gurus. I followed every single framework in existence. I was "being consistent".

Only to wake up one day and see that nothing had changed.

I created a business that was leading me to burnout.

At that moment I knew what needed to change: I needed to trust myself. Trust my ability to make the best decisions for me. Trust my ability to ask for help.

With this simple shift, I started changing my business [and my life]. I went from a multiple 6-figure entrepreneur tied behind her desk, trading hours for cash, to running a soul-led business with space, joy, and more income.

T shift? It's all in the 3M's... that is what I'm sharing with you here in this bundle.


Imagine this: you running a business that lights you up. That is profitable. All while living the life of your dreams?

It is paw-ssible. Let me tell you how:

It's all about having:

↣a clear vision,

↣ the correct mindset,

understand business finances,

↣ know the right metrics,

↣ be an energetic match to your desires,

↣ create systems that work for you

after all... you have your own S.P.E.L.L.

YOUR S.P.E.L.L. is the foundation for a sustainable, long-lasting, and profitable business.



Money Systems

"Tell me more about the s.p.e.l.l., Gigi"

This is the only thing you need to know, and focus your business on.

It's a framework like no other, because it has the space to listen to what YOU want.

[yep... this is not a framework to achieve my success, or my client's success...

this is all about what a successful business and life looks and feels like to you]

Self Mastery

Knowing who you are at a deep level.

Connect with your purpose, your vision, your mission and your values.

Self Mastery includes:

✓ Mindset

✓ Healing

✓ Integration

✓ Skills

We cover Self-Mastery inside

↣ Money Mindset Mastery

↣ Money Meditation Bundle

↣ The Offer Clinic

↣ The Beginner Bookkeeping Kit

Purposeful Prosperity

By definition Purpose means " one's intention or objective ", and Prosperity means "bringing forth success and wealth"

With Purposeful Prosperity, we are adding intentionality and inspired action so you can fulfill your dreams.

We cover Purposeful Prosperity inside

↣ Money Mindset Mastery

↣ Pricing for Profit

↣ The Beginner Bookkeeping Kit

↣ Simplified Profit First

Effortless embodiment

When we become the highest expression of who we are, the doing becomes second nature.

Let's remove the forcing, the doing for the sake of doing, and insert taking inspired action that feels natural.

When we become, every aspect of our being moves us towards accomplishing our goals.

We cover Effortless Embodiment inside

↣ Money Mindset Mastery

↣ Money Meditation Bundle

Lucrative Leap

Trust your vision, expect the best. Make decisions based on your vision, and not what you believe you can accomplish.

Lucrative leap is the integration of trusting the Universal Laws and taking action. You move the energy through actions.

We cover Lucrative Leap inside:

↣ Pricing for Profit

↣ The Beginner Bookkeeping Kit

↣ Simplified Profit First

Lasting Legacy

Through your business, you are building a lasting legacy: for your family, your community and the world.

Inside all the programs, we are supporting you into building a legacy, a business that is sustainable, profitable, and that supports your lifestyle.

We support you in doing better in all aspects of your life, and affect change in the world.

After years of trial & error.

After years of educating & coaching entrepreneurs.

After years of study & development.

I found THE system that simplifies running a profitable + aligned business.

This system can bring you from $0 to multiple 6-figures and beyond.


The Intentional Profit Bundle

A collection of all my trainings and courses.


Results guaranteed.

Lifetime access.

Learn the tools to take your business from zero to hero.

In this comprehensive bundle, we cover your 3M's:

Mindset: With Money Meditation Bundle + Money Mindset Mastery, you'll learn how to co-create your reality to live the life of your dreams today, and activate your unconscious mind to live an abundant, prosperous lifestyle.

Monetization: With The Offer Clinic + Pricing for Profit, you'll master your offer creation process for offers that sell themselves and master the energetics and mechanics of a profitable pricing to build a business that supports your lifestyle.

Money Systems: With Beginner Bookkeeping Kit + Simplified Profit First, you'll learn the basics of managing your business finances, how to use it to make educated money decisions, and how to successfully implement Profit First in your business in 30 days or less.

included ...

Quantum Leap

Regulate your nervous system with our Money Meditation Bundle + Money Mindset Mastery course.

Shift your beliefs

Learn how to identify beliefs that are not supportive, and implement new ones that propel you forward.


Know what it takes to build a price that is profitable and ethical.

We'll dive deep into the psychology, mechanics, and energetics of pricing.

Understand your finances

Empowerment comes from within. We'll share the tools to feel empowered when looking and talking about your finances.

Profit First

You'll learn all you need to know to successfully implement Profit First in your business.

Profit First is the money management tool that all millionaires I know use. It works.

The tools

Plug and play worksheets.


All you need to build a business that supports your lifestyle.

What is really in The Intentional Profit Bundle?

Money Meditation Bundle

. . . . .

🧘🏽‍♀️5 Core Meditations

🧘🏽‍♀️4 Walking Meditations

🧘🏽‍♀️Money Archetype

🧘🏽‍♀️Embodiment Meditations

Money Mindset Mastery

. . . . .

‣ 15 Core Lessons, including:

⦾ What is Mindset

⦾ What Money really is

⦾ Quantum Talk

⦾ Understanding your mind

⦾ BE the change: Accessing your Quantum Self

‣ 1 14-day attract anything challenge

‣ 6 bonus lessons, including:

⦾ Human Design 101

⦾ Reframing Debt

⦾ Rituals to support your commitment

The Offer Clinic

. . . . .

3 pieces of training live, recorded in December 2022

⃤ Training 1: Get Crystal Clear: What you do, How you do it, and Why you do it

⃤Training 2: Create your big crazy offer + outline your customer journey

⃤Training 3: Create the 3 offers that will sell themselves for you

Bonus: Q&A session

Get access to the live workshop + recording

pricing for profit

. . . . .

Learn the mechanics and energetics of pricing.

What it takes to run a profitable business is more than mere mathematics.

Get immediate access to:

↣ core trainings on the mechanics of pricing

↣ lecture on the psychology of pricing

↣ training on the energetics of pricing

↣ plug'n'play worksheets to remove the guesswork out of your pricing

Beginner Bookkeeping Kit

. . . . .

One of the keys for a profitable business is understanding the language of numbers.

Inside the Beginner Bookkeeping Kit, you'll learn which metrics really matter, how to track your income and expenses [in a super nifty worksheet], and when it's time to upgrade to an automated accounting system.

This course will give you the tools to master the basics of bookkeeping and resources when you're ready to outsource it.

Simplified Profit First

. . . . .

Lean how to implement Profit First from a Profit First Certified Professional.

I'm sharing what Profit First really is, and all the tools you need to implement Profit First in your business in 30 days or less.

Profit First is more than a money management tool, it's a lifestyle.

Waiting for bonuses?

Oh wait...there's no such a thing.

I don't believe in inflating the value of my courses by adding bonuses.

If it's needed, it's included.

As my experience and knowledge increase, we update and add more material. I believe in us growing together. It's simple like that.

Here are a few things that you can achieve with the Intentional Profit Bundle:


Develop an expansion mindset

If you're here you probably want to increase the profitability of your business. You want to make more money. For that, Money Mindset Mastery + Money Meditation bundle supports you creating an expansion mindset. So you're ready to receive more.


Create a sound pricing strategy

No more pricing out of your a$$, or even worse, pricing what "they" tell you to do.

Having a pricing strategy allows you to grow your business and create an ascension model for your offers. The Offer Clinic + Pricing for Profit can support you on this front.


Stop chasing vanity metrics

Learn what really matters when it comes to your business finances. No more chasing 6-fig, 7-fig just for clout. Your goals now are backed by data [and intuition]. The Beginner Bookkeeping Kit support you developing an intimate relationship with money.


Manage your money with ease

Profit First is a money management system that works with our human behavior. Learn the system from a certified profit first professional (me), plus all the worksheets and insights you need to make the system work for you. Simplified Profit First supports you with managing your money with ease.


Set yourself up to hire support

Within all of our courses, you'll develop the skill to understand what support you need and how to financially plan to hire it. Regardless if it's an employee or a contractor, you can hire people with ease and space.


Build a business that supports your lifestyle

No more changing your life to support your business. We are rebels, we are pioneers, we are change-makers.

A successful + profitable business does not require sacrifice. You'll be present in your life, and wildly profitable.

Get the Intentional profit bundle right meow!

The INvestment?


One time fee.

Payment plans available.

Included in the Intentional Profit Bundle

Money Meditation Bundle

Money Mindset Mastery

The Offer Clinic

Pricing for Profit

the Beginner Bookkeeping Kit

Simplified Profit First

Lifetime access to the courses + future updates

Don't take my word for it.

Here is what our students are saying:

It was difficult at first looking at how not profitable my business was.

With Simplified Profit First knowledge, I was able to reposition my brand, raise my prices, and start building an extreme profitable and joyful business

- D.S., Photographer & Coach

Simplified Profit First alongside the Beginner Bookkeeping Kit really changed my business. I had spent thousands of dollars on accounting professionals to have them tell me that Profit First doesn't work and leave me with no insight or understanding of my business finances.

TBBK helped me get organized and start understanding my numbers.

SPF gave me the resources to manage my money better and plan for my business vision. I'm so grateful for all this knowledge

- J.N., Coach & Connector

Pricing for Profit literally blew my mind. I was not confident with my pricing, always reverting back to an hourly rate that made me feel bleh. With this new understanding of what it takes to actually make bank in my business combined with the "how it feels" really gave me the permission to welcome more abundance in my life.

- J.P., Coach

Money Mindset Mastery. Wow 🤯. It took me this course to start the process of healing my deep money wounds and really decide what is that I want. And believe that I'm worthy of my wants - not just my needs. This course helped me going from chasing money to building a multiple 6-figures business with ease.

- C.C., Course creator

Are you ready to go from clueless to building a business that supports your lifestyle?

Without burnout.

Without sacrifices.

and with ease?

Here is what a few of your alumni has achieved with the intentional profit bundle:

Multiple 5-figure months with ease

✨ Multiple 6-figure revenue

✨ increase bottom line in 10%

✨ Hired a team to support their growth

✨ Pivot their offers without losing income

✨ Increased their conversion in 25%

✨ Created offers that are aligned af, and make bank

✨Took a paid 2-month sabbatical [while the business was still running!]

✨ Created more space to spend with their loved ones

✨ Decreased the time working on their business, while making consistent $20K+ every month.

What WILL YOU add to this list?




what are you waiting for?

Get the Intentional Profit Bundle today!

Intentional Profit Bundle


Payment Plans Available

Included in the bundle:

Lifetime access to courses and future updates


What if I don't want all the courses? Can I purchase them individually?

Of course.

With the Bundle you get more bang for your buck - however, if you want one, two, or three items of the bundle, you can purchase them separated by clicking on the links below:

Money Meditation Bundle

Money Mindset Mastery

Pricing for Profit

The Offer Clinic

Simplified Profit First

The Beginner Bookkeeping Kit

I have one [or more] courses, purchased prior to the bundle existence [Nov 2022]. Can I upgrade to the bundle?

Yes, yes, yes!

Email us at with the details of your previous purchases and we can get you a special discount.

What is the structure of the bundle?

When you purrr-chase the bundle, you get access to all the courses and the meditation bundle. They'll be on your dashboard and you can access them at any time you want.

What is the recommended sequence for the courses?

We recommend starting with Money Mindset Mastery, the taking Pricing for Profit. After that, working on The Beginner Bookkeeping Kit, and once you have your accounting rhythm, dive into Simplified Profit First.

The Money Meditation Bundle works as a support for your mindset growth


I'm just starting my business - will this be too advanced?

Absolutely not - we created all the courses with beginners in mind. If you're starting, this is THE bundle to ensure profitability and a sustainable growth. For each course we go over the basics, before diving deeper.


I've been in business forever... is this too basic?

If you're a fan of DIY, the bundle is perfect for you. My clients range from multiple 6-fig business to 1B companies.

But... if you want a 1:1 approach, I offer Intensives and 1:1 Coaching. You can schedule a discovery call right here.

Ready to build a business that is profitable, aligned, and supports your lifestyle?

all of that with ease?

don't sleep on it, start revolutionizing how you run your business


payment plans available

Included in the bundle:

Money Meditation Bundle

Money Mindset Mastery

The Offer Clinic

Pricing for Profit

the Beginner Bookkeeping Kit

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